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Want 1-On-1 Coaching? jaymorrisoncoaching.com


ATTENTION: Realtors, Wholesalers and Aspiring Real Estate Investors 
Looking To Dominate The Industry

Want To Become A Real Estate Power Player? 
Get Your Exclusive Autographed Copy Of 
My New Cutting Edge
Video Text Book!

Who This Is For

Aspiring Or Active...
  • ​Homeowners
  • ​Real Estate Agents
  • ​Loan Officers
  • ​Realtors
  • ​Brokers
  • ​Landlords
  • ​Wholesalers
  • ​House Flippers
  • ​Syndicators
  • ​Developers
  • ​Business Owners Looking To Be Real Estate Proficient
  • ​And General Real Estate Professionals Industry Wide

What You Will Learn

  • How To Become A Real Estate Power Player In Any Market
  • ​How To Become A Full-Time Real Estate Entrepreneur
  • ​How To Evaluate Deals, Rental Properties And Flips
  • ​How To Market And Brand Your Business
  • ​How To Market Your Business Like A Mogul
  • ​How To Find Foreclosures And Off-Market Deals
  • ​How To Create A Real Estate Business Plan
  • ​Self Mastery And Mindset Strategies
  • ​How To Calculate Your Real Estate ROI 
  • How To Hire And Manage Contractors
  • ​How To Creatively Finance Any Deals
  • ​How To Find Motivated Sellers
  • Real Estate Formulas Every Investor Should Know
  • ​The Difference Between A HELOC And Refinance
  • ​How To Build Your Real Estate Team And More

What's Included In The Video Book

  • ​6.5 Hours of Video Lessons
  • ​Autographed Copy of 290 Page Workbook
  • ​Real Estate And Business Templates
  • ​Formulas & Lists
  • ​Glossary and Definitions
  • ​Exclusive Autograph Copy
  • ​​Net Worth Calculator
  • ​​Business Checklist, Contracts And Agreements
  • ​Test & Quizzes

Get My 20 Years Of Real Estate And Business Experience All In One Place

My knowledge and 20 years' worth of experience has given me an opportunity go from real estate agent to becoming a fund manager with over $20 million in assets! I want to share the knowledge that made me so successful in my New Interactive Video Textbook. Not only are there tests and quizzes, there are QR codes throughout, that allow you to tap into the information digitally! 
I'm autographing all copies secured during today's ONE DAY PRE-SALE!

Get The 7 Styles Of Learning
In One Body Of Work!

I've combined all 7 styles of learning in this amazing cutting edge interactive book to make sure that no matter what way you choose to consume the information, you get exactly what you need to apply and execute. This isn't just another course, this video workbook will allow you to comprehend with an entirely new perspective on the industry.

Are You Ready To Become A Real Estate Power Player?

When you combine real estate fundamentals with entrepreneurship, the possibilities are limitless...the world is literally one big ball of real estate  --They're always opportunities for those who know the 12 steps of real estate & business.
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